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At TSTT we offer solutions built to fit the way you do business. We offer flexible, expert services with reliability you can build your business on.
You can do a tax calculation on the Topup Amount or the Actual Airtime.
     Tax Rate 12.5%     
Using the TSTT eTopUp solution, you can easily topup a customer's mobile phone number.

Use the form below if you have your own eTopUp credits to sell (i.e. your parent entity has transferred a portion of it's credits to your account). In case you don't have any credits of your own but need to sell your parent entity's credits, please use the 'Multi-Mode' option instead.

Retailer ID
Retailer PIN
Customer Number
Topup Amount
 (12.5% V.A.T. Included)
Please don't press the browser 'Back' or 'Refresh' buttons/links on the results window. If you have a popup blocker enabled, make sure that it permits popups from '' as the results are shown in a popup-like window.